About Us

At our Dojo, we utilize traditional Japanese-style instruction to teach Bushido-mentality through Kendo.  Since Kendo training provides encouragement for a life, instead of taking a short-term approach, we teach Kendo as a lifetime objective.  Utilizing the time-honored Bushido spirit traditionally followed by the Samurai, our goal is to develop the mentalities of “not losing to oneself”, “honoring etiquette”, “having compassion”, and “not being deceitful”, which will also enable students to prosper in the real world. In developing technique and stamina, we also emphasize “acquisition of the fundamentals”, “developing a strong body”, and “mastery of the true form of Kendo”. We are a well-established Dojo with numerous tournament accomplishments, and have nurtured many students who have become top kendo practitioners representing the United States. As we develop the next generation of Kendo practitioners, we continue to honor the spirit established upon our Dojo’s founding in 1950.

Our Dojo has five masters of 7-dan, probably the most of any Dojo in the United States. All of the instructors are Japanese, or Japanese-American, and provide instruction of true Japanese Kendo and etiquette in both Japanese and English. In addition, we have top kenshi and masters who visit us from Japan several times a year as guest instructors. In instructing children, we provide individualized guidance based on each child’s ability. For many children, if they are allowed to put on the bogu or uniform prior to learning the fundamental movements, they fail to make further progress, which often leads to quitting. At our Dojo, we emphasize learning of the fundamentals first, and intentionally delay the use of Kendo equipment until later.  As a result, the children are motivated to continue attending practice, and are able to understand the discipline of life-long Kendo as they mature.